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Autism (or, say, Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a developmental disorder that affects young children’s social and communication skills. A child dealing with autism often lags behind his peers in terms of mental and physical development. Such a condition can not only harm the mentality of a child but can also put intense pressure on parents. The best way to deal with autism is by choosing experts to deal with the situation. Omega home care in UAE has a team of qualified and trained professionals who provide the best autistic care in homes.

How Do We Care For Autistic Adults & Children?

When it comes to treating autism, our experts come to your home to diagnose, consult and help you follow a customized treatment plan. The best part about our home care for autistic adults is that we focus on the root cause of the problem rather than the symptoms. Once we understand the real problem, our experts will use different therapies that boost self-confidence and eliminate the symptoms of autism. Here is what makes us different!

Why Should You Choose Omega Autism Center For Your Needs?

Whenever you search for “autism center near me,” you find a long list of home care services that pop up. However, not all home care services are created equal. We understand what works for autistic adults and children. But what makes them stand ahead of the curve is positive reviews by the past patients. Omega home care services in Dubai is the leading autism center with a trained team.

Omega home care in UAE offers:

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High Quality Lab

We have high quality lab that gives you the access to limitless medical service

Home PCR Test

Omega Cares provide quick PCR swab test at home in Dubai.

Precise Result

We provide per test result in just 12 hours right your door step

Affordable Price

We have highly skilled health professional that serves you like no-one else.


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If you are searching for autism care near me, it’s time to reach out to Omega home health care services in Dubai. Our medical experts are ready to help you overcome the autistic symptoms and lead a better life.


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