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If your grandparents can’t drive to the hospital for help, we are here to bring the hospital care to your doorstep!

As one grows old, it becomes hard to complete daily activities. Witnessing your elderly loved ones struggling with daily chores is heartbreaking, isn’t it? But not more! Omega home health care team is your trusted elderly care at the home service provider. We have a highly dedicated, passionate, and loving team of nurses and caregivers who can help your loved ones with utmost care. The ultimate goal of our home healthcare in Dubai is to help our patients improve their lifestyles and live independently.

Why Should You Consider Elderly Care Services in Dubai?

Old age can make the life of your loved ones hard. They can feel lonely and depressed, leading to many diseases. Even though you have a family to look after your old family member, executing the role of full-time carer isn’t an easy feat. This is where nursing homes for the elderly in the UAE come into the picture. Below are a few ways professional care can be a worthy investment.

Our Services in Elderly Care in Dubai Include:

Omega home health care services in Dubai are your one-stop solution for elderly care services.

Senior Care At Home

Growing older comes with many challenges. We can become more prone to injury and susceptible to illness, we sometimes face the onslaught of age-related health conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s; or perhaps we are forced to manage heart disease or diabetes. Whatever the challenge, we always wish to maintain as much of our quality of life and independence as possible.

For families, making the decision to take care of an elderly loved one can be stressful and overwhelming. Since taking on the role of full-time carer is a massive undertaking, having some professional support is beneficial for many reasons: .

The patient can enjoy the comfortable and familiar surroundings of home while getting the support they need

Family can relax and rest assured that their loved one is being cared for by a highly experienced and vetted medical professional

Social interactions and engagements are maintained, minimising and behavioural and cognitive symptoms

Bespoke options means services are customised to each individual’s exact preferences and requirements

We provide a full complement of services for seniors, including Dementia and Alzheimer’s home care, elderly care in Dubai, and home nursing services in Dubai. So, whether you require clinical or post operative care, or some practical support with day-to-day activities like walking, dressing, or eating, we are here to help.


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